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Service Directory:
Palliative Care Team

Services Provided
  • Medical/Nursing assessment of specialist palliative care needs
  • Symptom control advice
  • Support to end-of-life decision making
  • Psychosocial Support
  • Specialist Palliative Care Education/Training
  • Access to relevant hospice services for community and inpatient care

Tel: 01932 722312 or via main switchboard on 01932 872000

  • Members of MDT for Palliative Care Service within ASPH on wards/ITU/HDU/OPD etc.
  • Symptom control and psychological support for palliative care patients and their families
  • Patients with and without a cancer diagnosis
  • Assessment for hospice transfer generally for terminal care or palliative rehabilitation

Clinical Team
Dr Sinead HENDERSON, Consultant Palliative Care Physician
Details Sessions
GMC: 6056243

Bleep: 8754
Woking Hospice
Sam Beare Hospice, Weybridge

Dr Clare SMITH, Consultant Palliative Care
Details Sessions
GMC: 6051433

Bleep: 8754
Princess Alice Hospice