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Senior Adult Medical Service

Services Provided
The Senior Adult Medical Service team provides medical treatment for conditions affecting the older population including:
  • Medicine for Senior Adults including acute and emergency care
  • Parkinsonís Disease and Movements Disorders
  • Falls and Orthogeriatric Medicine
  • Dementia and Delirium and psychogeriatric medicine
  • Liaison with Speech and Language, Dietetics and Occupational/Physiotherapy
  • Outpatients and community services: Bedser Hub, Rapid Access Clinic (Ashford), Woking, St Peterís

  • Rapid Access Centre

The Clinical Team
Dr Radcliffe LISK, Consultant Senior Adult Medical Service (Specialty Lead)
Details Special interests
GMC: 4719850

Secretary Ext 4295
Specialty Lead for Senior Adult Medical Service

Clinical Lead for Orthogeriatrics

Peri-operative care of hip fractures

Dr Kamal SOLIMAN, Consultant Orthogeriatrician
Details Special interests
GMC: Clinical Lead for Dementia and Falls

Peri-operative care of hip fractures

General and acute medicine

Dr Keefai YEONG, Consultant Senior Adult Medical Service
Details Special interests
GMC: 4638300

Secretary Ext 4500
Clinical Lead Fracture Liaison Service

Clinical Lead for DAPS

Acute medicine and Orthogeriatrics

Contact Details
Clinical Office (Stroke/TIA):
  • 01932 722304

Clinical Office (Other):
  • SPH 01932 723107
  • ASH: 01784 884295/ 884500

  • Medical patients will require routine bloods, FBC, U+E, Chest X-ray

  • The Senior Adult Medical Service outpatient clinics are located on the first floor of the Outpatients block at Ashford Hospital.

  • The RAC is located on the ground floor of the ward block at Ashford Hospital.