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Bone Density (DEXA) Scans

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Commissioned Care Pathway for Psychiatric Referrals

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June 2011

Ashford Fracture Clinic

The Trust are establishing a fracture clinic at Ashford Hospital.

Fracture clinics will be held for 4 hours on Monday and Thursday afternoons in the Greenbrook walk in centre on the Ashford Hospital site.

The service is designed to take the majority of fracture clinic patients from the Ashford Walk in Centre. This means that patients will be able to have all their care at Ashford without needing to travel to the fracture clinic at St Peter’s

Other Services at Ashford Hospital

On Wednesday 22nd June we will be running a special “spotlight” lunchtime event to showcase the many excellent services provided end-to-end at Ashford Hospital.

One of the many services we are able to provide is orthopaedics. We have 3 laminar flow theatres, which are used to decrease the number of infective organisms in the air during surgery, this reduces the risk of post-operative wound infection.

Day surgery at Ashford have introduced a new service where they will ring a patient the day after surgery this provides better continuity of care and reduces the need for patients to contact their GP for follow up advice,

The Trust is committed to the continued redevelopment and improvement of the out patient department at Ashford Hospital. Once again this service can be provided entirely at Ashford, thereby improving patient experience by allowing treatments closer to home. Details of the current improvements will be on display at the showcase event.

Ashford Hospital Showcase

Cancellation of Ashford Showcase Wednesday 22nd June 2011

We would like to thank those of you who expressed an interest in attending our Ashford Showcase lunchtime meeting for your support. Unfortunately, due to the very low numbers of confirmed acceptances, we have had to take the difficult decision to cancel this event.

We may provide a similar event for GPs later this year - perhaps as a evening event - and would value your support at that time.

If you have any feedback or comments on topics or information you would find helpful at future events please contact Janice Tew, GP Liaison Manager, via e-mail to, Telephone 01932 723716 or Fax 01932 872951.

Bone Density (DEXA) Scans

Bone density scanning is the gold standard diagnostic tool for diagnosing osteoporosis. We provide these scans at Ashford Hospital in the X-ray department and at St Peter’s Hospital in the nuclear medicine department.

How To Refer

We have a link set up on the hospital website for you to access. You can download a new easy to use referral form for Bone Density Scans. It can either be printed and posted to us, faxed to 01932 722438, or alternatively e mailed to

The website also gives you to access the criteria for scanning, as well as information about the department. There is patient information to explain what the scan procedure involves (which you can print and give to the patient). We very much hope that this will help speed up the whole referral process and make our department more accessible.

In the near future you will notice a change in the format of our reports. This will happen when we change over to PACS reporting.

If you have any questions or suggestions to help improve our service please contact Marie Richards on 01932 722482 or

Welcome to ...

Dr John O’Dwyer MD MRCPI, Consultant Neurologist.

John joins colleague Dr David Barnes. His clinics will be on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at Ashford Hospital and Wednesday at St Peter’s Hospital.

Born in Dublin, raised in Tenerife with a Hemingwayesque childhood that extended to Italy and France, and back to Dublin. John studied medicine at Trinity College, University of Dublin. He trained with many inspirational leaders of neurology including Prof. Michael Hutchinson (Multiple Sclerosis), Prof. Tim Lynch (Wilhelmsen-Lynch syndrome) and Dr Norman Delanty (Epileptologist).

John did his research doctorate on dystonia. Movement disorders continue to be his special interest. He has published in several international peer reviewed journals and continues to write and contribute to research. He has taught clinical neurosciences and recently contributed to a European Federation of Neurological Sciences initiative on neurology teaching.

Apart from his academic interests, John loves sailing, windsurfing, rugby, jazz, opera, ballet and spending time with his family.

Contact: john.o’ or 01784884617.

How To Refer: Please also see the CAB bulletin included with this newsletter.

Library and Knowledge Services

Did you know?

Many GPs can have free access to the library services provided at both the Ashford and St Peters Hospital Sites.

KnowledgeNet aims to make access to the library service at Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals easier, by providing remote access to resources wherever possible. The site has recently been relaunched, enabling you to:
  • Search, reserve and renew books remotely - ask staff for a password and PIN when you join
  • Register for an Athens account to enable you access to journals and electronic resources
  • Set up contents page alerts for journals
  • Easily view national health news sites
  • Access the programme of literature search training held at both Ashford and St Peter’s hospitals
Membership forms are available on the KnowledgeNet website at

Photo ID and signatures will need to be checked to authorise your membership.

For further information please contact: 01932 723213

Commissioned Care Pathway for Psychiatric Referrals

The Liaison Psychiatry Service at St Peter’s Hospital is a multidisciplinary team comprising mental health nurses and psychiatrists commissioned directly by Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The service is provided by Surrey and Borders NHS Foundation Trust.

The liaison service sees patients in A&E and other part of the hospital who are receiving medical treatment for physical health problems. These patients will also be experiencing emotional or psychological difficulties and require assessment, brief intervention or referral to other specialist services. Once patients are deemed medically fit our team offers assessments, provisional diagnosis, initial treatment and help to arrange follow up where necessary.

For further information on the Liaison service, please contact Sam Goonniah (Team Lead) on 01932 723276.

Unfortunately we are currently seeing high levels of patients being sent to A&E by GPs for urgent psychiatric assessments during office hours. This facility should only be used out of office hours and for urgent cases. For further advice out of office hours contact the mental health crisis helpline: 0300 456 8342.

During office hours, the pathway for GPs to make all urgent or non urgent referrals to their local Community Mental Health Recovery Service.  

How to refer during office hours:

Runnymede & Elmbridge CMHT
T: 01932 876600
F: 01932 874614

Woking CMHT
T: 01483 756318
F: 01483 770221

Spelthorne CMHT
T: 01784 440204
F: 01784 449550

Feltham CMHT
T: 0208 4831859
F: 0208 4831890

Audiology Referral for Hearing Aid Repair or Replacements

Step 1

A GP referral to audiology initiates a 3 year care pathway.

Step 2

The audiology team to see the patient and perform a hearing test, ear examination etc. This may result in the issuing of one or two new hearing aid(s).

Step 3

The patient and hearing aid details are recorded in a database. The database has been in use for 6 years and the information stored in it is used for retuning and replacing a hearing aid.

If a test was more than 6 years ago or not done locally the information needed will not be available and therefore a new GP referral will be needed. Any further appointment will be based on patient needs.

Changes to hearing

If the patient notices a change in the quality of their hearing, a repair or retune of the hearing aid is required. The patient should contact audiology and get an appointment. An appointment can be made irrespective of time since initial referral. Appointment Centre number 01784 884531 or 01784 884126.

If during a retune visit the audiologist believes the patient requires a new hearing test and it is within 3 years of initial referral the audiologist will make the appointment, this will not require GP involvement.

However, if the initial referral was more than 3 years ago, the audiologist will contact the GP directly to request a new referral. Patients are advised to contact their GP directly if they have not heard from audiology within 1 month.

Broken or lost hearing aids

If the hearing aid is broken beyond repair the audiology team should be able to give the patient a replacement as long as the initial referral is within 6 years and there is a record of a previous test on the database. If not, this will also require a new GP referral. Audiology will contact the GP with a letter requesting consent to the referral.

In the event of the loss of a hearing aid the patient will need a new GP referral. The patient should request this directly from the GP.

All this information is also available on our website:

Dates for your Diary


TUESDAYS 12:15pm – Lunch, 1 -2 pm – Meeting
Post Graduate Education Centre, St Peter’s Hospital.

7th June The genetic basis of respiratory diseases Dr Tessa Homphray
Consultant Geneticist
14th June Acute knee injury for GPs Mr Paul Trickha
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
21st June Advances in the management of common eye conditions TBA
28th June Hypertension and pregnancy – focusing on the NICE guideline Dr Sandra Newbold
Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
5th July Colorectal cancer diagnosis and management Mr Humphrey Scott
Consultant Surgeon
12th July HIV update Dr Paul Brennon-Benson
Consultant HIV Physician


13:00pm—15:00 pm
Ashford Hospital Education Centre

We will be incorporating many of your suggestions for future topics and publishing the programme shortly.

Thursday 8th September SEMINAR ROOM 2
Wednesday 5th October SEMINAR ROOM 2
Thursday 10th November LECTURE THEATRE
Wednesday 7th DecemberLECTURE THEATRE


If you have any feedback or require any further information about the Ashford and St Peter’s NHS Hospitals Foundation Trust or require this document electronically please contact:

Jan Tew,
GP Liaison Manager
01932 723716

Debbie Beesley,
CAB Manager
01932 723511