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A fond farewell to Dr. Beverly Castleton

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August 2010

Care of the Elderly Special

The Elderly Care Service

The Elderly care department provides it services to the local elderly population across both the Ashford and St Peter’s sites.

All five consultants within our department have different specialist interests, providing a diverse range of skills and expertise to assess and treat our increasingly complex group of patients.

Sub specialties within the department include:
  • Stroke/TIA,
  • Dementia,
  • Falls,
  • Osteoporosis,
  • Orthogeriatrics,
  • Parkinson’s disease/Movement disorders,
  • Hypertension and
  • Specialist rehabilitation (Stroke, Orthogeriatrics, amputee and general geriatrics).

Evening Spotlight Seminar

Enjoy your last few days of summer by joining us for a professional barbecue at Foxhills Country Club.

When: Thursday 26th August Time: 6-9pm. We will be serving a barbecue at 6.15pm on the clubhouse terrace followed by the talks at 7pm. Where: The Clubhouse, Foxhills Country Club, Ottershaw, KT16 OEL

  • Geriatric service overview– including dementia, rehab and stroke
    by Dr Raad Nari - Consultant in Elderly Care

  • Orthogeriatric and Falls Liaison Service
    by Dr.Keefai Yeong - Consultant Orthogeriatrician

  • Parkinsons disease, TIA and Rapid Access services
    by Dr Zahid Dhakam - Consultant in Elderly Care

  • Prevention of elderly admission - (nursing home project)
    by Dr Radcliffe Lisk - Consultant Orthogeriatrician
Contact 01932 723716 to reserve your free place or email

Our Stroke Service

We provide a round the clock 24 hour stroke thrombolysis service at St Peter’s Hospital, acute stroke care based at St Peter’s and rehabilitation at the Ashford site.

In March, 97% of Stroke patients were cared for on the Stroke Unit and most patients (78%) received a CT scan within 3 hours of presentation. We run a one stop “low risk” TIA service via our Rapid Access Service at Ashford 5 days a week. Ashford and St Peters Hospitals are working with partners as part of the Surrey Heart and Stroke Network to continue to develop an improved pathway for stroke patients and high risk TIA.


The Orthogeriatric service is led by two new consultants within the Trust, Keefai Yeong and Radcliffe Lisk.

As a result we are already seeing improved care for patients with fractured neck of femur. All the patients are now reviewed within 72 hours by an orthogeriatrician and medical conditions optimised prior to surgery. We have seen a significant reduction in mortality and length of stay within this cohort of very frail elderly patients and the majority (>90%) of patients have a bone health and falls assessment prior to discharge. We are currently working to develop a coordinated Falls and Bone Health pathway culminating in the development of a Fracture Liaison Service (FLS). This was a key topic discussed at our last Clinical Interface Meeting with GPs. A FLS has been shown to be an effective solution in reducing future fracture risk of patients with fragility fractures. We also provide consultant support for Falls clinics in Walton and Woking.

Movement Disorders and Parkinson’s Disease Service

The movement disorder service is well established at the Trust.

As we know movement disorders are often complex and difficult to diagnose and manage, therefore we provide assistance for inpatients as well as a comprehensive outpatient service at St.Peters, Woking, Sunbury and West Byfleet. This is supported by the Parkinson’s Disease Specialist Nurses.

Other Services

As well as providing general outpatient services for elderly patients, we also run a Memory Clinic.

(Referral to the Memory Clinic should be directed to Dr.Jonathan Robin).

Fracture Liaison Service

Our plans with your help

We now send letters to GPs following a patient’s visit to the fracture clinic. These letters are intended as a reminder to GPs of the importance of osteoporosis assessment. Simple treatment guidelines and suggested investigations are included for information. We recommend a DEXA scan for patients under the age of 75 as per NICE Guidance. We would be grateful if you could label “FLS” clearly on the request form to aid with auditing.

Please contact the Orthogeriatric department at Ashford Hospital on 01784 844500 or 01784 844246 if you require further information or see the GP website at

Rapid Access Clinic

The Rapid Access Clinic (RAC), based at Ashford Hospital is designed as a one stop clinic for elderly patients who require a comprehensive geriatric assessment.

Investigations such as bloods, ECG and CT scans can all be done on site on the day of attendance, hence minimising patients’ travel. In addition to this, we have a resident physiotherapist and occupational therapist that can offer “on the day” advice and also refer on for further therapy if needed. Selected occupational therapy aids can also be provided.

Who can refer
  • GPs/A&E/MAU
  • The Intermediate Care Team (ICT)
  • Community Matrons
  • Specialist Nurses
  • District Nurses
  • Therapists
  • Care Home Support Team


Rapid Access Centre, Ashford Hospital, London Road, Ashford Middx, TW15 3AA.

Telephone 01784 884500 or Fax 01784 884554 or email

Referral Information

All referrals can be made to the RAC or contact individual consultants via their secretaries.

Our Consultants from Left to Right
Bhaskar Mandal, Raad Nari, Keefai Yeong and Zahid Dhakam
Radcliffe Lisk was on holiday at the time of the photograph


Dr Dhakam
Consultant Physician with a special interest in Parkinson’s Disease and Hypertension
Contact Secretary Michelle Lutchman 01932872000 Ext 3107

Dr Lisk
Consultant Physician with a special interest in Falls, Orthogeriatrics and Osteoporosis
Contact Secretary Brenda Dewberry 01784 884295

Dr Mandal
Consultant Physician with a special interest in Stroke
Contact Secretary Brenda Dewberry 01784 884295

Dr Nari
Consultant Physician with a special interest in Dementia, Stroke and Parkinsons disease
Contact Secretary Paula Singleton 01932872000 Ext 2304

Dr Yeong
Consultant Physician with a special interest in Falls, Orthogeriatrics and osteoporosis.
Contact Secretary Mary Green 01784 884500.

Important dates for your diary

Clinical Interface Meetings 14th September & 14th December.

Lunch is served from 12pm with the meeting from 12.30-2pm at Foxhills Country Club.

All GPs are invited to discuss all matters relating to Ashford and St.Peters Hospital with our Clinical Directors and Medical Director.

Spotlight Seminars
  • Care of the Elderly on August 26th 6-9pm
  • Dermatology on September 30th 6-9pm
  • Womens Health on October 21st 6-9pm
All of these seminars will be held in the clubhouse at Foxhills Country club

GP Luncheon Club

The autumn schedule is now available on the GP website

Contact 01932 723716 for more information or email to reserve your free place

Service Updates

Gynaecological Ultrasound Service

There is a new referral form for Gynae Ultrasound. A copy is attached within this pack but it is also available to download by clicking here

Electronic Requesting & Reporting now available

The Pathology department would like to inform our service users that the Sunquest ICE GP requesting and reporting system is currently being rolled out. Please see the attached service bulletin for more detailed information.

A fond farewell to Dr. Beverly Castleton

After 27 years excellent service at the Trust, Dr Castleton is due to retire at the end of August.

A leaving party has been arranged on 24th August 12-2pm at Bournewood House.

Please come along and wish her well in her retirement. RSVP 01932 723317.