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April 2010

New Interventional Suite at St.Peter’s

The expertise of the radiology department at Ashford and St. Peter's Hospitals NHS Trust has been matched by the installation of one of the most State-of-the Art pieces of equipment available.

BBC TV's The One Show Consumer Affair's reporter Lucy Siegle, standing to the immediate right of the

BBC TV's The One Show Consumer Affair's reporter Lucy Siegle, standing to the immediate right of the "C" Arm equipment together with Chairman Aileen McLeish, Chief Executive Andrew Liles and the Interventional suite staff.

The Trust has spent £800,000 on purchasing and installing in the Trust’s new Interventional Suite an “Angio C Arm” which was opened on 2nd March.

The equipment enables high quality 3D real time images of soft tissues and bony structures to be seen by the consultants who can see precisely where coils, clips and stents are being placed via access through the patient’s arteries. Specialties using this equipment are vascular surgery, urology, 0rthopaedic surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology .

Key Procedures using this equipment are:
  • Uterine fibroid embolisation (with 3D rotational angiography)
  • Kyphoplasty (with CT scan)
  • Varicocele Embolisation
  • Nephrostomy insertion

Consultant Vascular Surgeon Mr Kieran Dawson said “The installation of the new “Angio C Arm” means that waiting times for our patients have decreased considerably.  This is obviously especially important for our urgent patients.”  

Clinical Director for Trauma and Orthopaedics at Ashford and St. Peter's Hospitals NHS Trust, and Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr Chris Schofield is also one of the surgeons who uses the equipment. He says “The new “C” Arm installed in X-ray is a great advance in imaging, which makes the task of placing cement in the center of a vertebral bone much safer. The procedure, called ‘Kyphoplasty', involves inserting two very small balloons within the bone.

By using the CT facility of the new machine this can be planned in a 'virtual' model, which allows for great accuracy. Kyphoplasty is used to stabilise osteoporotic fractures of the spine and some selected cases of vertebral collapse due to cancer.”

Apart from the versatility of the Angio “C” arm there is also the added advantage that the installation of this equipment means that extra time is now freed-up on the St. Peter’s CT scanner and the CT scanner at Ashford Hospital, allowing more patients to be seen.

Service Directory: Have you got yours yet?

We have recently completed our revised Service Directory for this year, which is a comprehensive guide to all our clinical services across the Trust.

It includes details of our consultants and their departments, Lead specialists and contact details.

If you have not received your copy yet, or if you need further copies please call 01932 723716. An electronic version can be found on

New Service: Rectal Bleed Clinic

This is a new telephone clinic service which aims to manage patients with symptoms of rectal bleeding only.

Specialist Nurse Endoscopist Anna Burrows

Specialist Nurse Endoscopist Anna Burrows

On receipt of telephone booking arrangement, the Specialist Nurse Endoscopist will phone the patient and have a 15 minute consultation and go through a check list. Telephone clinics are twice a week on a Monday and Thursday morning. The patient will then be listed either for flexible sigmoidoscopy (FS) with the Nurse Endoscopist, or for a clinic appointment with the appropriate specialist, who could be either the Nurse Endoscopist or a Colorectal or Gastroenterology Consultant.

Main Benefit

This pathway will ensure that patients are seen within the 18 week pathway and that where cancer is suspected, patient care will be escalated to the Two Week Rule pathway.

During FS, benign disease can be diagnosed and/ or treated. This includes inflammatory bowel disease, benign polyps, (radiation) proctitis, diverticular disease and haemorrhoids. Biopsies and photos can be taken, piles banded and diagnosis will be made. The Nurse Endoscopist will talk to the patient and give them written information at the end of their visit and organise any further follow up or discharge the patient. The Nurse will also send an Endoscopy report to the GP with follow up care arranged.

Conditions diagnosed and treated include:
  • polyps
  • haemorrhoids
  • fissure
  • colitis

Who to refer

Any patient over 18 years with rectal bleeding only. This is not a Two Week Rule pathway but if bowel cancer is suspected the patient will be informed and put on the TWR pathway.

Lead Consultant or Staff Information

Sister Anna Burrows, Specialist Nurse Endoscopist, c/o Endoscopy Suite or Anna Burrows direct line- 01932 723415

How to refer

Via Choose and Book—the rectal bleed telephone assessment clinic.

Please note

Patients with Warfarin may be asked to stop prior to FS. Endoscopy appointments are at St Peters Hospital on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday pm.

Cardiology Spotlight Seminar - a great success

We had a successful evening on Thursday 25th February when Cardiology went under the Spotlight.

Ashford and St Peter’s consultants demonstrate their expertise as a leading centre for Cardiology in Surrey

Ashford and St Peter’s consultants demonstrate their expertise as a leading centre for Cardiology in Surrey

Our newly joined consultant Dr.Riyaz Kaba gave an excellent talk on Electro-physiology, followed by Dr Ian Beeton on Advanced Cardiac Imaging and then Adam Jacques & Sola Odemuyiwa spoke about Primary Angioplasty for acute myocardial infarction.

Chief Executive Andrew Liles and Chairman Aileen McLeish in discussion with local GPs

Chief Executive Andrew Liles and Chairman Aileen McLeish in discussion with local GPs

Would you like to be added to the Spotlight Seminars contact list for future?

If so please email

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness

Mr. Neville Menezes is a Consultant Upper GI & Laparoscopic Surgeon based at Ashford & St.Peter's Hospital NHS Trust. He is also attached to the Regional Hepatobiliary & Pancreatic Unit at the Royal Surrey County hospital as a Pancreatico-biliary Surgeon.

In his opinion the diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer can be difficult due to the vague initial symptoms that the patients present with. General Practitioners and Hospital doctors may not always be able to diagnose this dreadful disease early enough to offer surgical treatment which offers the patient the best survival option. The treatment options for this cancer have increased tremendously over the years but the prognosis still remains poor. Mr. Menezes feels that this is due to the delayed diagnosis of this cancer.

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness may hence change the numbers and improve survival. Alison Stunt who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and operated on by Mr. Menezes has been instrumental in developing the Pancreatic Cancer Awareness group which is a Pancreatic Cancer Partnership with the major pancreatic cancer charities and the Pancreatic Society of Great Britain & Ireland.

The first Pancreatic Cancer Awareness week was celebrated in November 2009.The enclosed flyer is a part of this Awareness campaign and all General Practitioners are invited to attend this talk at St.Peter's hospital on the 27th of April 2010.

We hope to make it an interesting session where GP's can take home tips for early diagnosis and also discuss important issues in the management of these patients.

To book please call 01932 723464

Breast Symptomatic target met two months running!

The breast team and cancer services have been working collaboratively and are now able to announce that they have met the breast symptomatic target of seeing patients referred with breast symptoms within 14 days for the second time since going live in January!

Chief Executive Andrew Liles and Chairman Aileen McLeish in discussion with local GPs

This confirms the Trusts prime position in this area across the network and indeed nationally. We will strive to maintain this excellent service for the Trust and our patients by continuing to see all patients within 14 days. 

You can help our Breast Care Team to continue to provide this high level of service by ensuring that all breast symptomatic patients referred are informed about this target and the need for them to be available to attend their 1st outpatient appointment within 14 days.

Welcome to...

Dr Tasos Stavrakaglou
Consultant Dermatologist

Dr Stavrakaglou started working at the trust on 1st March 2010.

Originally from Greece, his training in Dermatology was completed at Hillingdon and Amersham Hospitals.

Aims - To improve skin cancer services and complex skin surgery

“ I am pleased to be joining a dynamic department and wish to evolve the services even further”

Key Services - General dermatology clinic with specialist clinics in development.

Special Interests - Skin surgery and skin cancers, auto-immune connective tissue diseases and penile dermatosis.

Contact Number- 01784 884532

Dr Thang Han
Consultant Endocrinologist

Graduated in 2002 at Cambridge University and recently completed the specialist training in endocrinology from North/Central Thames rotation.

He is a clinical scientist by background and has conducted much research and published extensively in the areas of obesity and related metabolic complications.

Aims - To create a multi-disciplinary team to involve in the management of foot complications in people with diabetes.

Key Services - General Endocrinology, complex diabetes and thyroid disease.

Location - St Peter’s, Ashford and Woking Community hospital.

Contact Number-01932 7722306

Dr Radcliffe Lisk
Consultant Ortho-geriatrician

Dr Lisk originally trained at Manchester University and completed his training at St Peter’s Hospital. He is dual accredited in geriatric and general internal medicine from South West Thames Deanery rotation.

Aims - to improve the fracture neck of femur pathway at the trust by reduce medical delays to theatre and ensuring all patients have a falls and bone health assessment.

Key Services - Falls (Walton Community Hospital), Ortho-geriatric Services (St Peter’s) and the Rapid Access Clinic, Ashford.

Special interests - ortho-geriatrics, osteoporosis and falls.

Contact Number- 01784 884295

New Clinical Director for Women’s Services

Ashford & St Peter’s NHS Trust is delighted to announce the appointment of Professor Jeremy Wright as Clinical Director of Women’s Services.

This is the third time he has taken the reins as Clinical Director and as he says“ I’ve lived through some fairly turbulent times. I welcome the challenges ahead, particularly as the Trust looks to achieving FT status”.

Jeremy feels that it is important, when pursuing the challenges ahead, that the core values of the Trust are retained and developed to produce a first class Women’s Health Unit.

Jeremy is pleased to report that he has taken over an excellent and smooth running service from his predecessor, Susan Bateman, who continues to work in the department on a part-time basis, specialising in sub-fertility.

“We all owe her a debt of gratitude for her hard work over the past ten years,” “We must continue to offer not only safe and increasingly normal deliveries

for all our women, but we need to develop the excellent gynaecological services on offer, particularly in the fields of uro-gynaecology and pelvic pain”. Pelvic pain and endometriosis are Jeremy’s particular interests and it is his wish to continue developing the patient centred unit responding quickly to patients’ needs and providing the best possible service.

Service Requests

Suspected Cancer / Two Week Rule Referrals

As you are aware all urgent GP cancer referrals will be responded to under the "Two Week Response Standard”. And all patients referred using the Two Week Rule (TWR) for suspected cancer will be offered a date for their first appointment within 14 days.

The fax number for all suspected cancer / TWR referrals is 0800 9234668 and we ask practices to use the dedicated TWR forms appropriate for the specialty they are referring to (available at with all referrals.

Please do not send suspected cancer / TWR referrals through Choose and Book or manually through the post.

For more detailed information please refer to the Cancer Service Directory which can be found on the GP Extranet at

Semen Sample Analysis Please ask your patients to take their samples directly to St.Peter’s Hospital for analysis rather than Ashford Hospital. This will ensure they are analysed in the correct time frame.

Dexa Scanner

More booking slots available at Ashford Hospital. Form available on the GP extranet

Your Contacts:

ASPH queries in general -

Joanna Matthews,
GP Liaison Manager.
Tel: 01932 723716

ASPH queries related to CAB only -

Michael Hooker,
CAB Manager
Tel: 01932 723511

For queries related to Ashford & St. Peter’s appointments please call 01932 723831 or 01784 884351